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Top 5 things you need to know before buying from China

The vast majority of the brewing equipment in use worldwide are manufactured in China, most of the brewing equipment companies in the US or other countries are buying the whole system, components, parts, and fittings from China or select their OEM in China and re-sell the product to the local customers. The alpha operation, SS Brewtech, ABE, Deutsche, the list goes on.

Chinese suppliers are definitely capable of doing good stuff with no doubt. We are here to list some tips for you when considering buying from China.

1. Where to buy

Firstly, China is huge, geographically speaking, almost 90% of the Chinese brewing equipment manufacturers are located in two regions of China, one is Jinan city which is located in Shandong province, the north of China; While most of the others are located in Ningbo or Wenzhou city, which is in Zhejiang province that in the south of China. There are some manufacturers located in Shanghai and other cities as well.

If you are tied in the budget, you may check the suppliers from Shandong province, they offer relatively lower prices on the equipment, however, the parts and fittings that most of them use to craft or assemble the equipment are not the best in the market of China.

You may check the suppliers below which are from Shandong province:

Shandong Meto Beer Equipment

This manufacturer has rich experience in serving customers worldwide as well as the domestic market in China. The feedbacks from their customers are generally good.

Yuesheng Beer Equipment

Offering pretty good turnkey system solutions from 2BBL to 60BBL, their equipment are sold to Canada, the US, and other countries in Europe.

Jinan NFE Machinery Co., Ltd

Located in Shandong province, but their products are manufactured in Ningbo city which is located in southern China.

Shandong Delang Machinery Co., Ltd.

One of the earliest established brewing equipment manufacturers in China

Shandong Baiguan Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

They are specialized in not just brewing equipment but also keg filling, bottling, and canning equipment, make sure to check with them if you are looking for that equipment.

If you have a relatively flexible budget for your brewing equipment purchasing, we recommend you to check the manufacturers in southern China below, their prices are most likely higher than the northern suppliers but use better parts, fittings, and components:


Specialized in Nano brewing systems as well as large tanks. 2BBL-3BBL oil/steam/electric heating systems are their star products, make sure to get in touch with them if you are looking for a Nano system.


Specialized in keg washer/filler and brewing systems.

Shanghai Carolina Micro Brewing

Their main target market is South Korea and the US. They have sales representatives in South Korea and a warehouse in the US to stock 3BBL to 10BBL tanks.

Shanghai Hengcheng Beverage Equipment Co., Ltd.

Their chief engineer and production leaders are former workers at GEA which is a German corporation, mostly active in the food and beverages sector.