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A Barely Used 15BBL Fermenter Looking for a New Home

One of our customers in Maryland is selling their 15BBL jacketed&insulated fermenter. The tank was purchased in Dec 2020 from us and we were told it's barely been used since then.

Please see the drawing below:

Download PDF • 162KB

Please contact the seller below directly if you are interested in its pricing and further details.

Bob Wilkins


Loveton Farms Distillery


The warranty(3 years) for this tank will be expired in Dec 2023 which means you will need to pay for the parts and fittings for replacement and shipping if needed after that. Any non-man-caused damage to the tank will not be covered either. However, We will be happy to offer after-service with costs to its new owner!


3BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 16 $4,990/ea

5BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 7 $5,990/ea

7BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 8 $6,990/ea

10BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 10 $7,990/ea

3BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 7 $4,780/ea

5BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 5 $5,780/ea