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Please let us know if you are selling any used tanks!

To All Carolina Brewtech Customers:

Please let us know if you are selling any used brewing tanks, we are happy to send out a newsletter to our customer pool(we have served over 300 breweries, and thousands of customers since 2016) to promote for you with absolutely no charge!

Please contact us at with the following information:

  1. Selling object;

  2. Selling prices(if you want to reveal);

  3. A brief(or detailed) introduction of the selling object;

  4. Pictures of the object(very important);

  5. Contact information

Once the information is verified, we will make a simple newsletter with all the information above and send it out so the potential buyers can contact you directly.


For those customers who are looking for new tanks, please check our inventory below!


3BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 7; $4,990/ea

5BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 10; $5,990/ea

7BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 9; $6,990/ea

10BBL Jacketed/insulated Fermenters x 10; $7,990/ea

3BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 5 $4,780/ea

5BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 1 $5,780/ea

7BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 3 $6,780/ea

10BBL Jacketed/insulated bright tanks x 4 $7,780/ea

15BBL-60BBL tanks pre-order available! Ask us for a price and any further information!






Please GET IN TOUCH for further information!


Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road

Baltimore, MD 21226


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