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Advices Before Initial Use of Oak Foeders

Before Installation

We strongly advise you to store the foeder in an environment that:

  1. Minimum temperature of 50℉

  2. Maximum temperature of 68℉

  3. Good ventilation(Not confined space)

  4. Renewal air once a day

We recommend you to water the floor to increase humidity if the space is dry.

Do not place the foeder directly to the ground but on a wood/brick/stainless steel stand.

Foeders will be delivered with plastic wrap covered its whole unit to keep the moisture, please do not remove until the installation.

Please do not install the oak foeder in an environment that:

  1. In direct sunlight

  2. Confined space with bad ventilation

  3. Constantly changing humidity

Temperature & Humidity

The humidity of the oak foeder before shipping is 16%(+or-3%). To avoid the shrinking of the materials and loss of the water-seal ability, it is necessary to preserve a suitable environment humidity. The humidity of the cellar should be relatively varied to its temperature, It is recommended to have the humidity and temperature controlled between 70%(50°F) to 80%(68°F). The wood can shrink and increase the possibility of leakage when the humidity is under 60%.

Please be noticed: We stand behind our oak crafts and provide after-service all the time, but we do not responsible for the problems caused by the unsuitable installation environment that resulted in oak product dried and shrinking. The customer has to bear the costs of repair materials, labors, and traveling that may be incurred.

Risk of Contamination

Please make sure the oak foeder not stored with materials that contain organo-halogenic compounds (TCA, TCP, PCA, PCP, etc). Please pay attention to the wooden materials, pallets, boxes that easy for contaminating, the contaminated compound can be spread everywhere in the cellar and contaminate the oak foeder and liquid it contained.


Place the vertical foeder on the stand that suitable for its size and weight, make sure it is balanced and stable after positioned. The direction of the stand that holds the bottom of the foeder should be 90° to the direction of the bottom wood staves.

Article from Foeder Smith


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