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30BBL Fermenters | IN STOCK | Buyer Dropped Out | Ready to Ship!

We have three pre-ordered 30BBL jacketed/insulated fermenters arrived on 7/29. But unfortunately, the buyer dropped out for some reasons. They are now sitting at our warehouse in Baltimore, MD and ready to be shipped to the new home!

30BBL jacketed/insulated fermenter $14,490/ea

Each tank comes with below parts and fittings:

Shadowless side manway

3mm 304 stainless steel inner shell

2mm 304 stainless steel outer shell

Fully passivated

Glycol jacket on the side and cone

80mm insulation on the side and cone

Tested pressure 60Psi

Spinning CIP ball

Sample valve x1

Pressure gauge x1

6” dry hoping port

Ladder hook

Carb stone assembly x1

Pressure release/vacuum valve x1

Butterfly valves all

1.5'' Clamps all

Gaskets all

25% headspace


100% prior shipment

Ship from:

Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 3 - 709 East Ordnance Road, Baltimore, MD 2122

Estimated shipping cost:


We can provide an accurate shipping quote once the quantity and wanted delivery date is confirmed.

You are very welcome to come to our warehouse to pick up or work with any other logistics companies.

Warranty policy:

We stand behind our equipment with 3 years warranty for ss vessels (we offer a free replacement or change new for non-man caused damages of stainless steel vessels), one year for electronic parts.

Please click the drawing below for the sepcifications and dimensions.

Download PDF • 159KB

Please GET IN TOUCH for further information!


Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road

Baltimore, MD 21226

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