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CIP Cart & Two heads Keg Washer IN STOCK!

26.4 gals CIP Cart



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  • Two 26.4gals 304 stainless steel vessels

  • Durable stainless steel frame with casters

  • 1.5HP pump enable powerful CIP output

  • Electric heating element inline

  • Temperature indicator

  • Stainless panel with manual heater control, pump speed control

  • Automated heater control available

  • Digital temp display available


Two Head Semi-auto Keg Washer



Free Shipping to 40 States



  • Stainless steel control cabinet

  • Siemens PLC and touch-screen interface

  • Sanitary 304 stainless steel components and process piping

  • SUS304 1.1kw pump x1

  • Micro Matic couplers for manual connection.

  • Cleans up to 40 Kegs/Hour (Depending on cycle times)

  • Heating element equipped.

  • Two tanks (sanitizer and caustic)

  • Compact design and solid construction, small footprint.

  • Durable accessories and components from reliable suppliers <