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CIP Cart & Two heads Keg Washer IN STOCK!

26.4 gals CIP Cart



Free Shipping to 40 States



  • Two 26.4gals 304 stainless steel vessels

  • Durable stainless steel frame with casters

  • 1.5HP pump enable powerful CIP output

  • Electric heating element inline

  • Temperature indicator

  • Stainless panel with manual heater control, pump speed control

  • Automated heater control available

  • Digital temp display available


Two Head Semi-auto Keg Washer



Free Shipping to 40 States



  • Stainless steel control cabinet

  • Siemens PLC and touch-screen interface

  • Sanitary 304 stainless steel components and process piping

  • SUS304 1.1kw pump x1

  • Micro Matic couplers for manual connection.

  • Cleans up to 40 Kegs/Hour (Depending on cycle times)

  • Heating element equipped.

  • Two tanks (sanitizer and caustic)

  • Compact design and solid construction, small footprint.

  • Durable accessories and components from reliable suppliers


26.4 gals CIP Cart Drawing, please click HERE

Keg Washer Manual, please click HERE

To send an inquiry, please click HERE


Get in touch for further information!

Shine&Henry 4109718326 Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road Baltimore,

MD 21226

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