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Foeders! The New Toy for Your Funky Beer!

We are working with Foeder Smith LLC to bring the top-line quality Foeders for your funky beer! Pre-order is now available for exclusive price!

American White Oak or French Oak available for choice, air-dried for 2-3 years.

Top-line craftmanship, great quality, durable parts and fittings.

Exclusive price for pre-order. Lead time 40-60days.

Two years warranty. Installation/maintenance service available upon request.

We are now offering Standard Vertical, Standard Horizontal, Conical Foeders(Foeders with stainless steel cone for yeast harvest) and Mini foeders(Half-barrel/15.3gals) for home brewers or test batches.

All the product is available for Light/Medium/Heavy Roast for different aroma, flavor and characteristics.

Customization(dimension, design, parts&fittings selection) available upon request.

One-stop service, nationwide delivery to door.

For those brewers who wants more:

Oak powder cakes/ oak sticks/ chains/ staves


(410) 971 8326

Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road

MD 21226

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