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**ALL SOLD**Damaged equipment on sale

3BBL skid mounted brewhouse(steam heating)

Price USD19.990

Discounted price USD15,000

Three dents on the brew kettle outer shell

One dent beneath the Mash/lauter tun manway

More pictures


5BBL Jacketed/insulated fermenter/unitank

Price USD5,490

Discounted price USD4,000

Scratches and one dent close to CIP arm

One dent close to the cone

Name plate


3BBL Jacketed/insulated fermenter/unitank

Price USD5,490

Dicounted price USD3,000

Deformed PVRV port

Dents and scratches on one of the legs

Dents and scratches on the body



26.4 gals two vessels CIP cart (heating element in both)

Price USD3.990

Discounted price USD3,000

Deformed cart handle

The impact to the handle and the frame caused the CIP cart would swing when pushing or during usage

Level sensor and heating element connection deformed

More pictures


Brand new inventory

3BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD4,490/ea

5BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD5,490/ea

7BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD6,490/ea

10BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD7,490/ea

15BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD9,490/ea

20BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD9,990/ea

30BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD11,990/ea

Two head keg washer USD8,990/ea


(410) 971 8326

Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road

Baltimore, MD 21226

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