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Does the "trade war" affect my purchasing of brewing equipment from China?

The "Trade war" between the US and China has been escalated after President Trump issued a tweet on the 5th of May that threatening to "shortly" put a 25% tariff on all remaining Chinese imports.

We know the negotiation between the two countries has been back and forward for quite a long time, the situation maybe last even longer. However, the question is, does the "trade war" affect the purchasing or importing from China for the brewing equipment or let's say, "Do you need to pay more for your brewing equipment imported from China"?

To determine whether the brewing equipment or anything else that you're importing from China is applied to the new tariff or not, the first thing you need to know is the HTS code for the product. Brewing equipment HTS code is 8438400000(brewery machinery), that's the code that most commonly used for the brewhouse, fermentation tank, beer bright tank, etc that produced in China and exported to any other countries in the world.

Second, we need to go to find whether the code is included on the lists issued by the Office of the United States Trade Representative. Click HERE for the full list.

As we can see, the term is listed on the "list 4" which issued by the USTR On May 13, 2019. Its status is "proposed", and the effective date is TBD.

Therefore, the tariff for brewing equipment that produced and imported from China has not yet been raised to 25%(current tariff is 2.3%), but it's unfortunately listed and proposed to be imposed to the Section 301 additional tariffs of up to 25 percent.

We will keep you posted to the new update.


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