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HLT combined brewhouse are " American style brewhouse" attached with a same sized HLT at bottom of the Mash/Lauter tun.

The HLT could be a seperate heating vessel to supply brewing water or sparging water, also a good place to storage the first time wort

The best thing for a brewhouse like that is it would save your sq ft on floor plan for sure.

On the other hand, for brewers who prefer gas fired heating method, HLT combined brewhouse require two heating chamber attached with burners(one for HLT, another for brew kettle), it would definitely cost you more initially than regular brewhouse.

Take the gas fired combi 5BBL brewhouse for example,it is combined by Mash/Lauter tun + HLT + burning chamber with burners which make the total hight of it reach to 3100mm.

What do you think of the combined brewhouse? what's your ideal combination of the brewhouse?

Contact us now for more information! or feel free to drop any quetions to:

Shine Sales Manager Carolina Micro Brewing

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