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Keg Washer Upgraded! Pre-order-price Available!



* Whole body food grade SUS 304

* Castors and brakes installed to enable the keg washer easy to be moved everywhere it needs to be.

* Micro Matic Sankey "D" type couplers equipped and could be replaced with any other type of couplers per request.

* Siemens control panel, users friendly interaction program. Cleaning process adjustable by the user.

* Alkaline tank equipped with heating elements, liquid level meter, and temperature sensor.

* Keg pressure indicated and displayed for the whole cleaning process.


The upgraded keg washers are now available for pre-order with the exclusive price



Leadtime 60days after deposit received

Pre-order price available before the 1st of March



3BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD4,490/ea

5BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD5,490/ea

7BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD6,490/ea

10BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD7,490/ea

15BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD9,490/ea

20BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD9,990/ea

30BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD11,990/ea

30BBL jacketed/insulated unitanks USD13,990/ea


Parts & Fittings ON SALE


(410) 971 8326

Unit 505, Curtis Business Ctr 709 East Ordnance Road

MD 21226

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