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Learn more. API. Create, deploy, and monitor API projects with our SDKs and APIs. Learn more. Development. Use our new Xojo IDE to write apps and games, or our free Xojo Starter Edition IDE to write new apps and games. Learn more. Security. Track and secure updates to your Xojo apps and games using our tools and services. Learn more. Community. We know you need support, so we provide it here. Join our open source community of developers and engineers. Learn more. Contact. Email, live chat, or phone us if you have questions about Xojo. We're here to help you. Learn more. Book/Learn More Update an existing Xojo project Xojo is the fastest way to write apps and games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac OS X, plus much more. Xojo was developed in-house at Nitobi, the same company that created the iLife, GarageBand, iWork, and iWork for iOS apps and games. Xojo's apps and games run as native apps on the platforms they target, so they perform better and integrate more smoothly with the target platform. Your Xojo apps and games also sync to Apple's iCloud, so your customers will always have access to their purchased apps and games. Xojo also lets you easily add new features or fix bugs without having to wait for the next major version. Your apps and games will continue to work with future updates. Xojo is the easiest way to start creating apps and games today! One license per project You can use Xojo in one project, one project group, or a group of apps and games on your mobile device or on a PC. If you have an existing Xojo project, you can import it into Xojo today. Start writing apps and games in no time. You can buy Xojo licenses for use with a single project or across all your Xojo projects. If you want to activate an existing Xojo project, our Xojo Licenses tool will help you manage your licenses. Xojo developers love to share their apps and games with the world. Because Xojo apps and games are cross-platform and natively designed for their target platforms, your apps and games are ready to be shared with the world the second they're done.



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XojoLicenseKeyCrack varycon
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