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it does say that my info will be saved on the software, but i have no idea what to save it to? i am using win xp with sp1... hey guys... is there any easy way to upgrade my ram? i have 3gb and i want to upgrade to 4gb. i currently use vista and i'm looking for an easy way of doing it, like with a program or something, or do i just have to add some more ram and it will be done? we have a network printer (which we share over the internet), and i am trying to figure out how to download the printer drivers for it. i go to the website for it, but it is not giving me an install option. it just is asking for me to print the drivers to a file, but i have no idea how to get it to do that. is there any way to do this? hello! i just got a new macbook pro and i have been trying to get windows 7 running on it, but i keep having the same problem... i boot the disc and it tells me to wait and it will install, but it just sits there doing nothing, no install screen at all, not even the windows screen. if i open it with an older disk it works fine and boots, but when i try to install it with the newer one, it doesn't work. what's going on? i'm kinda lost, any ideas? i downloaded the windows 7 iso and i burned it to a dvd, i opened the disk and put the dvd in, and it gave me an option to reboot the computer to try out windows 7. i selected that option and i was on my way to the windows 7 installer! however, it just hangs at a screen that says windows is installing. my computer is fast though and i'm not sitting at it for too long. anyway, do any of you know how to make windows 7 not be so lazy and actually install? hey guys. i'm having trouble trying to set up wireless for my acer aspire one. i've tried everything i can think of, but i still cant get it to work. if anyone has any advice, please let me know. does anyone know how to install the ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4000 series GPU on a Dell D620 laptop. I've got the windows 7 iso downloaded, burned onto a disc and verified with the md5. It says that it is valid when I run a verification,



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Company Of Heroes Retail Code Crack - 2022 [New]
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