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-Mash/Lauter tun vessel                            

-Brew kettle/Whirlpool vessel

-UL listed motor with mash rake                     

-UL listed VFD pumps

-Heat exchanger with wort aeration assembly.

-Stainless steel brewhouse work platform & stairs   

-CIP assembly

-RTD sensor ports

-Sparge ring with sprayers

-Complete sanitary SS hard piping

-Necessary tri-clamp fittings and 1.5" butterfly valves (DIN fitting optional)

-Steam jacketed/gas fired/electric heating available

-Grist case/hopper (Optional)

- External wort grant(Optional)

- Hop back(Optional)

-Brew kettle condensate collector(Optional)



*3 Years warranty for non-man caused damages of stainless steel vessels

*1 Year warranty for all electronic parts and components



* FOB Ningbo port, China

* Around 20 days to the west coast of the US and 30 days to the east coast.



* Production started after 30% of the total amount received as a deposit.

*Balance should be paid before shipping



*All the equipment is designed and produced from our self-owned factory in

Ningbo, China. Our technical team is led by brewers, engineers and technicians

with decades of professional experience in the industry.

5BBL-10BBL Two Vessels Brewhouse

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