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“Foeder” (say it with us: “FOOD-er”) is the Dutch word for what is essentially a large, vertical oak vessel in which beer is fermented.

Traditionally, foeders were used to store wine. They’re now used all over the world to ferment both clean and funky beer. Because a foeder is a larger wooden vessel, it allows the beer to take its time to mature and completely develop. That larger capacity means greater consistency in the final product.

Foeder Smith is a manufacturer that specializes in crafting oak foeders in different sizes, types, and woods. they offer a broad range of customization options to get you the ideal product for your brewery or project.

The team is lead by experienced oak foeder crafters, designers, and experts in beer brewing/winemaking techniques.

We recommend them to all of our customers! Get in touch with them directly if you are interested to learn more about their service and product!